About us

Electro.love was created by a group of Webmasters, chilling at work, brainstorming and fighting about what kind music do we Love.

We all LOVE Electro Music! Some of us like House music, some of us like more Chillout sounds and some of us like more Hard Style Electro music. Whatever, we all love this electronic made music style!

We really do listen to electro music at work and yes we dance, actually we dance all the time!

Our Boss is Crazy, but we love him, because he is over 30 Years old and still kicking it at the office, when we turn on the volume!

If the Boss had a bed day, all we have to do is play him his favouriteTrack; My My My from Arman van Helden! And we do not have any more problems with our Boss!

We did embbed favourite music videos from Youtube and we could create a very nice website for all of you electro music fans, but life`s a bitch, we do not have enough time to do it!

We will try to work on site during the break and we promise one day Electro.love is going to be worth loving!

Comeback soon and check if we did manage to keep our promise to you Dear Electro music lover!

Have a great day and listen to some Electro music!