Nu-Disco Funk Mix March 2019

Nu-Disco Funk Mix March 2019

Funky Nu Cool Music electro Music! WE LOVE IT!
Tracklist: 1. Tommy Glasses – Matter of Time 2. Tommy Glasses – Alright 3. Candido – Dancin’ And Prancin’ (The Reflex Revision) 4. TW Funkmasters – Love Money (Joey Negro Dubwise Revision) 5. Mannix ft Sheree Hicks – No Wonder (FAM Disco Remix) 6. Seb Skalski – In Da Mix 7. Smoke & Mirrors – Top Bunk Boogie 8. Lup Ino – I Never Felt 9. Stefan Groove ft Tameka Jackson – Do You Want It Right Now (Dancing Divaz Remix) 10. Dave Leatherman & HP Vince – Not Giving Up (Nu Disco Mix) 11. Moon Rocket & Re-Tide – Love Is The Message 12. Skyy – Here’s To You (Dr Packer Multi Track Mix) 13. Lup Ino – You Can’t Lose 14. DJ Mark Brickman – Inside Out

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We really do not understand what Disclamer is, or what does it mean, so we just ignore it! If you have any problems with that, it is your problem, stop looking for problems and lisen to some gut electro music instead. Go dancing!